Winds of change

Chris Huhne has ventured to suggest that renewable energy can be the “third industrial revolution”, and it appears that Yorkshire’s local authorities are in agreement with the controversial Energy Secretary.

That they have agreed to pool resources to ensure that Yorkshire is at the vanguard of this green revolution, which has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs locally, shows the importance of this emerging sector and the need for them to work together to secure the best deal for the whole region.

Such co-operation – much needed following Yorkshire Forward’s winding up – also reflects how this county’s geology and geography are still its greatest asset when it comes to securing Britain’s future energy strategy.

Clean-coal technology is evolving while plans for offshore wind farms could be, potentially, momentous and create manufacturing jobs across the region.

However, this will not happen by chance. It will require local authorities putting Yorkshire’s future before artificial council boundaries. If that happens, the winds of change in the energy sector could still yield massive rewards locally.