Precision Blast Systems blast subsea cleaning

The latest method of underwater cleaning and surface preparation has been launched in the UK by Precision Blast Systems Ltd.

The new Subsea blasting systems are designed for abrasive blast cleaning at depths of up to 200 metres, precise control of the system allows for cleaning of marine growth or complete paint removal and surface preparation to SA2.5.

Subsea abrasive blasting has many advantages over current HP water jetting methods:-

Rental equipment – Blastair diver
  • No noise. Makes communication with the diver possible while at work.
  • No need for retro jets because of low pressures compared to HP water systems.
  • Light to use and easy to handle nozzle. Can be used with one hand.
  • Safer for the diver because of low pressures, typically 2 – 6 Bar and communication possibility.
  • Works up to twice as fast as HP water systems, more productivity per dive time
  • Simple control of pressure and abrasive allow various surface finishes, from removing
  • marine growth down to bare metal finish
  • Perfect matt, non-reflective finish for remote observation and underwater photographic records.
  • Can achieve an SA2½ finish for e.g. repainting.

These systems have many maintenance applications with subsea pipelines, port infrastructure, offshore installations, and vessel hull repairs.

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