Marine Safety specialist MRT acquire Sleek Clean Care

East Yorkshire based Marine Safety specialist MRT has acquired Sleek Clean Care, a manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Sleek was started by two University students Emma and Scott in 2017 and has since gone from strength to strength. From developing recipes in their garage, the company grew and now distributes the powerful and planet friendly cleaning solutions for Boats, Bikes and motorhomes all over the world. Sleek uses pioneering chemical technologies to create powerful and safe formulations that are PH balanced, biodegradable and phosphate free, meaning they are harmless to the environment and marine life.

With the experienced sales, marketing and distribution team at MRT behind them, they have the resources at hand to increase their exposure in the marine sector and hope to engage with interested distributors in the UK, Europe, America, and Australia over the coming months.

MRT’s CEO Ryan Pettit said “I first came across Sleek in 2018 whilst visiting a trade show in Amsterdam, I immediately loved what the company was about, the modern brand, their ethical values and their resilient vision to make a difference. MRT has been the market leader in Man Overboard safety solutions for over 40 years and whilst this new sister company will focus on different markets, we believe we can utilise our broad experience to take Sleek to the next level and really get the brand out there globally”

Sleek have developed a range of high performance, eco-friendly products that recreate the way people think about cleaning their Boat, Bike or Motorhome. They introduced a 4 stepped cleaning process to make it easier than ever to know which kind of product you need to keep your pride and joy looking Sleek!

Sleek co-founder, Scott commented “When Emma and I created this company in 2017 we could not have imagined it to grow to where it is today, we both have a huge passion for making the world greener and providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We really enjoy manufacturing products that have such a positive impact on the world and with MRT now behind Sleek, I believe they can ensure the brand gets the attention it deserves”.

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